My first 100.

11 posts,100 followers,300 likes,900 views…❤❤❤❤❤

I wouldn’t be here if not for you.Thank you.

Thank you so much for the constant support,motivation love from you.

You have been my friends,confidants.

You made me believe in myself.

Thank you.

First Q & A:

Why blog?

It makes me happy.

I have always loved reading writing and storytelling.Wanting to create stories out of simple things. Curious to know what caused the pain in one’s eyes or the beautiful smiles.

And i also needed an outlet.All my thoughts memories i have made,I wanted to share them with you.

First app to check when i wake up?


Then weather app

At home it was always Whatsapp or Instagram but here in China the sites are blocked.Therefore,i have to use VPN to access them.

Current celebrity crush?



uuhh!sigh……!!yeess!!His chest, smile..lips!I think i just got pregnant at the mention of his name…😂😂

What is the dumbest way i have been injured?

I know am Kenyan* and all but i don’t like running at all.So when i was around 12-13 years, it was during games period from 4pm to 5:30.We used to do almost 6 laps or more on a large field.I decided to scratch myself around my elbow with some piece of metal i picked around the basket ball court. I don’t even know why i didn’t think of tetanus or an other infections i would have gotten.Then i showed it to the coach that am hurt so i can’t run anymore.But he sent me back to run.I was frustrated, pissed and bleeding. I remember crying while running .I still have the scar .

First time i got into trouble in school?

I can’t remember the first time i got into trouble but all i know is i didn’t like going to school.😂😂😂

Best book i have read this month?

Promise me,Dad

Joe Biden.

I have not read the enter book since i just discovered it recently.Read quotes from it and i loved it.

Hope i will be able to read the entire book soon.

Dream vacation?

First,to attend Tomorland: one of the world’s largest and most notable electronic dance music festival in the world held in Belgium has been my dream for years.I really wanted to watch Avicci but now i can’t.I promised myself one day,some day i will attend it.

Although tickets are always sold out in an hour.

Secondly, to camp under the sky in Norway while watching the northern lights.

First foreign country to visit?

Ofcourse China!!

My first piercing and when did i get it?

Got my first piercing *ear piercing when i was 6 years old. I cried for days ,the pain!!!

If you could have a true love or 1

million $?

Definitely 1 million dollars.


Which time period would you visit?

The future.With all the technology in the world…no more untreatable diseases,cure for world hunger,no poverty.

“This is the future i hope for.”

I never ever want to experience the social injustices from the past.


Slavery and forced labour.

Face gender inequality.


Not being able to be free ,have equal rights.


Though they still happen but it is not as worse as human beings being chained and sold in markets and owned like property.

Plus no wifi…


The past two months have been the most amazing.Thank you so much each and everyone of you. You deserve the world.

Have an wonderful week.

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So i was going though my phone and found some blog drafts that i wrote but never post.I never got the courage to post or i felt like were unfinished. Nights i thought i was a poet..🤗🤗🤗


All she wants is to be understood

For someone to hold her

Believe in her

Someone to tell her it’s okay

Okay to be different

She doesn’t have to put on the mask

Or conform to what the society

expects of her



I didn’t change,

The idea you had of me

Was not who i was


One day,some day

I will look back and feel nothing

All the tears and sleepless nights over

You will just be a memory


As i stare into oblivion

I wonder,Is this it

The rest of my life?

Suffocating just to fit in

Hope you enjoyed. Have a wonderful week..😍😍

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:streaks or stripes on the skin especially on the abdomen due distension of the skin.Caused by pregnancy (no i have never been pregnant..😂😂),puberty and rapid weight gain .

They are not harmful to your health.

Like this.。….this is on its own level.Is one of my greatest insecurities.

Atleast a tummy weight you can do some cloth hacks or wear tummy trimmers,corsets.

Stretch mark..nah!

They are usually found around the waist,back of the knees,armpits,hips,ass* and breasts.They aren’t great to look at.

No matter what you wear they cannot be hidden.

At first i would not want to wear anything short cause i was scared people would be staring at them all the time.I was like if i am to wear a short maybe with thigh-high boots , socks or stockings.

In highschool a friend used to use bio-oil to get rid of them.It works for other people but did not with mine.There are alot of products;creams,salves,oils and skin oitments advertised that can get rid of stretchmarks,black spots acne.

At some point i used cocoa butter, shea butter,they made my skin feel really smooth and moisturized but the stretch marks didn’t disappear.

Now i have learnt to accept my body the way it is.

Have a fun-filled weekend. 😍😍

Will be doing a Q&A very soon.

Any questions please be free to ask.😘😘😘

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Hi everybody……

So something exciting happened today. I have always wanted to find someone anyone who looks exactly like me but is not my family member or anyone am related to.

My look-a-like

Am always fascinated by the wonders of the world,how people from completely different places living different lives can look the same.

When i was young someone told me there are 7 people who look exactly like you.

Mine happens to be not so far away.

Someone else sent me the photo.The moment i saw her photo on Instagram i knew immediately she is the one.

I sent it to my sister and she was like what are you doing in Nairobi where the location on her page showed.

Have an amazing weekend. 😍😍😍

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Thick ,curvy girls issues 101

I love my curves.


Just the,

Tummy/belly fat/lovehandle/extra stomach fat.

It’s not so big that would cause health issues, it is just not the size i would want it to be.I know most people would say love yourself the way you are.I do love myself.Just that i know i can be better i can do better.

I have literally tried everything from waking up at the crack of dawn to run up a hill ,drinking slimming tea,tying a foil around my stomach every night,trying out a weighloss diet,wearing waist trainers to even doing a dance routine at morning and night before i sleep.Although half way through the tutorials i just sit and watch others dance.

This methods have worked on alot of people,i love watching success stories alot…

But never on me.I really suck at commitments.Totally. I mostly go to Instagram look at people and their amazing bodies,then i would totally become inspired.The very next day I am dieting,using stairs instead of elevators, drinking tea,avoiding MacDonalds.

I never last a week.

I took some sliming tea that makes my stomach hurt so much then runnning stomach.So i don’t know whether that means it is working or i am destroying my body.

Summer bodies.Sometimes you want to rock 2 piece strap bikini or some fancy dinner dress but you have to to body hacks and wear waist trainers and other clothes for the stomach to be tucked in.

I wish i could find a method that works overnight.

Like i wake up in the morning…baaaammm..six pack

Yeah.If wishes……

All in all….whatever size you are

P/s..please share your success stories i would love to hear from you.

Have a wonderful week..♥️♥️♥️

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Watching the Emmy awards this year,

Thandie Newton who won the supporting drama actress “Westworld” said,

Ripley, who turns 18 on the same day as the Emmys ceremony. “I get to guide you and love you and protect you, which is my north star,” she said, addressing her daughter. “I love you so much, baby.”

Coincidentally a close friend of mine the same week asked me “who/what is your north star?”

The North Star shines with a humble brightness that belies its navigational importance. Polaris, or the North Star, sits almost directly above the North Pole; therefore, it is a reliable gauge of North if you find yourself lost on a clear night without a compass.

The North Star is a dream symbol of guidance and direction,glowing bright to guide us to our true heart desires.Its fixed position is crucial for it provides guidance to those unsure of their position or location by constantly pointing north.When you find your North Star, you know where you’re headed. That alone feels good. Plus, aiming toward it will bring more and more happiness and benefit to yourself and others. And you can dream bigger dreams and take more chances in life since if you lose your way, you’ve got a beacon to home in on.

And i had no idea who or what it was.Who will be my way home?No matter the troubles i would be going through.When am lost whether physically, emotionally,mentally,spiritually,who or what will guide me home?Is it my family,friends,my religion? When am lost,tired,frustrated, about to give up confused who/what do i seek for?

It gets so easy to fall into routine; waking up,go to class,eat,watch and sleep every single day of my whole semester and repeat.Life becomes hollow.It becomes more about getting through.

This got me thinking about so many questions about my life.Am i living or am i just simply existing taking a day as it comes?

I hope you find your true north.

Have a great week…😍😍

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Happy new month……….😍😍😍

So basically *i hope mum doesn’t read this….most of my time here when i am not in school i am mostly in bed like literally almost all the time that is if i am not going out.Winter gets to -20 and below so most of the time i will be indoors.This has made me watch so many movies series and read books plus sleep alot. I have watched so many series and repeated them until i think now i can even act them out…..hahahaha.

So while trying to avoid boredom, waiting for another season or episode of a series to be realeased takes time and repeating series gets tiring i decided to look for more.

My absolute favorite;

1. SKAM.

Its a Norwegian 4 seasons modern drama high school series acted by a group of friends as the attend daily life in school.Boys,parties…..and all that.From the first episode it is intriguing following the love life of the group.From a relationship gone bad which leads to issues,falling for a famous bad boy she hated, to the cutest couple ever Isak his coming out journey falling for Even who is bipolar.season 3 is an LGBTQ .To a Muslim girl from a strong religious family finding love.Although I was reading the sub tittles a lot due to the language though there are parts they speak in English,i loved every bit of it.What made me for in love with it is,issues that we are facing as the youth of today which are hindering us from being who we truly are. Instead we become what the society wants us to be.


If you love prison themed series this is THE ONE.

Its is an Australian series with 6 seasons acted in prison which is more like Orange is the new black.It focuses on Bea Smith charged with attempted murder,manslaughter,murder,a aggravated assault and drug trafficking as the series progresses. .It show s her journey from a mere prisoner to being the top dog in prison finding love to her death..It really captives from episode to episode.What made me love it was because what i was expecting to happen like in other series take s a complete 180.I was shocked with the twists and turns and found myself most of the time yelling at the screen and getting so mad.She has lots of rivalries from the moment she arrives.She is very smart and handles the shrewdly.From prison gang fights ,drugs,death to tough wardens and unbearable governors.


Canadian thriller series with 5 seasons.I know its not really a foreign series but i couldnt help myself.I am so in love with its science fiction (fav genre of tv series)thriller drama filled 5 seasons.


A Scandinavian 4 season crime series. When a body is found between Sweden and Denmark,both sides have to work together to catch the killer.


A british crime drama series with 8 seasons.

I love watching series with atleast 3 seasons.

I mostly watch my series on for free on,

Have a blessed and amazing weekend.♥️♥️

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countdown 6 days to my birthday am so excited…….



So on the weekend my friends and i were to go attend a birthday party in another city.The city is like an hour away by slow train which we often use and and hour 30 mins by car. We did all our make and dressed up,image4

we were supposed to arrive there by 7.But as usual “African timers”,we left Anshan (my city) at around 9.Around 10 we had arrived at that city but we needed to use subway to get to the house where the birthday was to be hosted.That city is much bigger than ours and we do not go there that much.


Last summer i was was there almost every week but not this time.The subway to the place we were to go to was kinda of new to me.We had to take the first subway and then change and take another.So i first i got confused but figured it out and on our way we went.As usual Chinese were staring but i am now used to it.Dropped off at our station and then took a taxi to the house.We sometimes use taxis but they are very expensive so mostly subway though they always close by around 11 pm. When we got to the house they had changed the venue so we had to leave again. Luckily there was food so we eat in the taxi on our to where the birthday was to be held.The first taxi we got into was really old and the Air conditioner was not working.In this summer heat no hell no.So we got out and took another.We went to different venues in the end settled at one until  6 am in the morning.We did not want to sleep there so we decided to come home.So we went to the train station to buy tickets and board the train.On reaching the\ station there was a lot of people very long queue. Since we were really exhausted and most of us do not really understand Chinese we always use it to our advantage .We went directly to the front without joining  the queue. Some Chinese guy started yelling but we could not understand what he was saying so we pretended we could not hear  him..

I had left my passport in school i was traveling with my schools student book.This is always given to us by the school to travel when we don’t have our passports mostly during the period of renewing our yearly visas.2017-07-12-06.15.44-1


shenyang-railway-stationAt the train station in my city it was no big deal but there.The teller bought my friends there tickets and returned my book to me and said no.They cant give me a ticket.The Chinese guy behind us was still yelling,it was so hot,am so exhausted my money is almost over. I was so stressed.The train my friends were to board was like 15 mins to.we  tried a different teller she said the same.It was my worst morning ever.My friends had to leave so i was left by myself.I was literally closed to tears.I tried the taxis the kept telling me 700 yuan yet i only had 50 yuan only.I had been told the buses were cheaper and close to the first train station.Which was far cause i was at the slow train station.I could not take a taxi no money.So i looked for the subway.I looked like a ghost.All my make up i had wiped off cause i had been sweating like crazy the whole night.To the first train station i had to change subways again.They were so crowded no seats.On reaching the first train station looking for the buses and all with the little Chinese i can speak,i was told the bus to my city was close to slow train not first train. I had spent my money for nothing.So i had to go back to where  i  had come from.My phone battery was at  5%.I was so f****.i was scared stressed hungry tired all at the same time.Some Chinese offered to help me but i had to pay him more money.Finally arriving at the correct bus stop i had to dig into my pockets for coins to pay my bus ticket. Luckily the bus was very comfy and quiet i slept all the one and half hours to Anshan.It was a my worst morning my whole time (1).jpg


have a wonderful week…..

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Winter Reads

After reading fifty shades trilogy by E L James over and over again(and watching the movies) I needed something else.I don’t remember the first time i read my first book but i remember my mum reading to us when we were really young a book called  Begwani the beggar by Erick L Nganda. I love reading erotica books so much i think i might be addicted to them.I mostly read nowadays on line on various websites but i love reading the actually hard copy.In China here to get a hard copy English written book would be so expensive so,on-line it is.Reading series is just i cant even explain it.Different love stories progressing from one book to another different scenarios and amazing happy ever afters.You also read the developments of the couples you read first.It just takes you to another world entirely.

1.Off Campus by Elle Kennedyaddictive-1

This is my current am on book 4.The author engages you from the first sentences.Its set up in Briar  Universities hockey players team.The hockey players are egotistic they sleep around party a lot but are humbled by beautiful women Hannah,Grace,Allie and Sabrina.Once they meet ,kiss and start doing a lot more.The boys cant stop themselves.They want more and more from them.All the books are deliciously steamy and heart achingly tender.maxresdefault2.Brides of kindred by Evangeline Anderson.2eb73440f5d8c7712e99ef6800d10525

There was an attack on our planet Earth but a race of genetic trades offered to protect us from the invades in exchange for wives.Their race its rare to give birth to women which would have led to their  extinction .They come to earth to pick their mates and take them to their ships for  a 1 month trial period.There is a lot of sexual content and dirty language here*.HOT HOT HOT.The women no matter how much they try to resist their bodies betray them.In this series the women are worshiped and treated like queens.Its veeerrryyy steamy.Over 15 books.

3.Far Away series by Penelope Douglas.

Young adult,Romance,Angst1b75036e683f63ff4335feddc2d1bc1a--fall-away-top-

They were best friends ever since they were kids then he goes away when he comes back he is her worst bully. Every turn she takes he is there.He makes her life miserable until she decides to take her stand.She is love with her bully. He bullies her to avoid all the emotions he is feeling.The book in  series this  are soo emotional. Definitely lots of sex but the emotions here made me fall in love.

4.Larissa Ione.

My all time best author.

download (6)bd064fb8db6037acdb6375b7e5821866


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My First Time.


I have too many first time encounters that would take pages to describe them.*will definitely talk about most  later.But the most important one that changed my life was when i was leaving home to come study in China.It was definitely my first time on a plane, traveling that distance by myself it was an EXPERIENCE.I had previously for about  5 months been applying to study outside Kenya with the strong support and pressure from my amazing family.I had applied to different countries lots of universities. Everyday  my mum would be expecting me to have completed at least 1 application.It was so stressful and difficult.Collecting all the documents needed by different universities was just uurgh too much.But i had been dreaming about studying abroad since for ever.In high school my friends and i used to open the Atlas and mind travel. Fantasize about the different places we would like to travel to study there.I used to create a whole life in my mind me living it abroad. Weirdly  I never mind traveled to China.2017-07-12-06.15.44-1 Continue reading “My First Time.”

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I am not ready 。

Anshan city.Liaoning province.

Located in the north east of China. Daaamnnn its just us Russia and then the North pole.

There are parts of china mostly around the south that experiences tropical climate.Why didn’t i study there?

The temperature here is already at negative degrees .Even though it is still Autumn .

The temperatures reach to -30° and worse.I am definitely not ready for winter.

It is getting so cold and i still have 5 or more weeks of school.It is getting harder and harder to get up in the morning for class.

I have not done winter shopping for jackets sweaters trousers *still trying to rock ripped jeans and dresses* shoes nothing.

No more going out as much as i would like to.

One good thing i love about winter is ,the weather makes my skin look amazing. I don’t even know why?It becomes smooth,becomes a shade lighter.This is the only reason I always love winter plus the beautiful snow photos.

Have a wonderful and blessed week…😍😍😍😍

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